On-Line Management Tools for Voice and Data Services

Major carriers offer on-line tools for enterprise customers to manage voice and data services. These tools include AT&T Business Center, CenturyLink Control Center, and myLevel(3) for Level 3.  And best of all, they're usually free.


On-line tools allow enterprise customers to view current and previous bills. Although the capabilities vary by carrier, some provide detailed cost analysis and report generation, an inventory of lines and services, and the ability to enter a billing dispute. AT&T Business Center allows the customer to create and manage a subscription for monthly CDs containing images of bills and CSRs (Customer Service Records) at no charge. CSR images cannot be viewed on-line.

Network Monitoring

Some tools also allow the customer to monitor its data network for performance and service disruptions. For some network services, the customer can dynamically change and reconfigure its network.

Trouble Tickets

AT&T Express Ticketing allows customers to enter repair tickets for many, if not most, AT&T phone and network services. This is easier and more convenient than calling repair service, especially for reporting trouble with DSL service. To open a ticket for DSL service, you must enter the Circuit ID, not the account number that is used for billing. The Circuit ID is 4 letters and 6 digits separated by a slash. Other carriers offer similar capabilities.

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