Does your business spend between $2,000 and $20,000

on monthly phone and network bills?

We can cut your bills up to 35%.

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If we determine that we can significantly cut your costs, we'll begin a preliminary analysis. We'll come back with a hard estimate of your potential monthly savings. And our estimate won't cost you anything.


How can we be so sure we'll significantly reduce your costs?  


We're independent consultants. We have no affiliation with any cable company, phone company, or service provider. We can help you make informed decisions based only on your needs.


We'll dig into your business costs, identify unused or underutilized services, look for lower-cost alternatives, and find ways to use technology to reduce costs. Then we'll recommend the most cost-effective services tailored to your individual business needs.


We can:

  • Cross-check bills with physical inventory of services
  • Cross-check bills with detailed customer service records from service providers
  • Cross-check bills with contract rates
  • Cross-check bills with rates in published guidebooks and tariffs
  • Look for billing errors
  • Look for unused services
  • Look for underutilized services
  • Look for expired contracts
  • Look for special contract rates or discounts that are available
  • Review federal, state, and municipal taxes and surcharges
  • Consider lower-cost alternatives
  • Consider lower-cost configurations
  • Consider ways to use technology to reduce costs
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To find out how much you could save, contact us for a free preliminary analysis.



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We'll come back with a hard estimate of your potential monthly savings. The preliminary analysis and estimate of savings are free.

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Billing Experts

We have decades of experience with:

  • Bills
  • CSRs (Customer Service Records)
  • Rate Plans
  • Tariffs
  • Service Guides
  • Negotiating Custom Contracts
  • Negotiating Refunds for Billing Errors

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Telecom Experts

We specialize in telecommunications for midsize enterprises:

  • Cloud Phone Service
  • Premises-Based Phone Systems
  • Internet Service
  • Networks
  • Building Cable Systems
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Firewalls
  • Network Security

It's easy to get lower bills and refunds.

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