A Full Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Strategic Planning  Assist client in assessing present and future needs for voice and data network technology and services, identify types of systems and services to meet those needs, and develop a plan for acquisition of systems and services.

Specifications  Design and specify a system. Write detailed specifications for use in soliciting bids from vendors. The Request for Proposal (RFP) uses these specifications so that bids from competing vendors can be directly and fairly compared.  

RFP  Write a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) including system configuration, required and desired features and capabilities, terms and conditions, questionnaires to gather information about the vendor, and schedules to obtain detailed price information for the proposed system.

Vendor Proposals  Evaluate each proposal for conformance to RFP specifications, technical quality, service capabilities of the vendor, training, acquisition costs, and maintenance costs; and perform financial analysis of alternatives.

Contract Award  Assure that all terms and conditions detailed in RFP are clearly and adequately addressed; assure that final system configuration conforms to RFP specifications with pricing that is consistent with original bid; and assure adequate system engineering following any configuration changes.

Implementation Management  Coordinate implementation, ensuring that any interruption of existing service is minimized; order vendor and network services; review bills; review system configuration and traffic; address unanticipated problems as they arise; and provide periodic progress reports to client.

Acceptance Testing  Inspect and test system equipment, configuration, and software to assure that they conform to contract specifications and that the system functions as planned.    

Change Management  On an as-needed basis, coordinate with vendors of voice and data network equipment and services; direct the configuration and testing of network equipment and services; and direct troubleshooting efforts to resolve problems.


Policies and Procedures  Develop policies and write procedures for management and configuration of network and communications technology and services.

Audit  Review bills for voice and data network services to identify errors and obtain credits or refunds for documented overcharges; review Customer Service Records; reconcile monthly charges with physical inventory to identify facilities not in service or not in use; and reconcile monthly bills with contract rates and published rates in tariffs and guidebooks.

Analysis of Long-distance and Local Services  Identify opportunities to reduce these expenses through service changes, consolidation, or restructuring and develop projected costs and savings for each alternative.

Analysis of Data Network Services  Identify opportunities to reduce these expenses through service changes, consolidation, or restructuring and develop projected costs and savings for each alternative.

Bids Write specifications for voice and data network services; obtain bids; validate offered rates with rates published in tariffs and guidebooks; and develop projected costs and savings for each alternative.

Contract Negotiation  Obtain the most favorable rates, terms, and conditions and review contract documents to assure conformance to bid specifications.

Traffic Engineering  Review and analyze network utilization; determine whether network system and services are properly configured to handle traffic load; and recommend addition, removal, or reconfiguration to optimize system.

Network Security Review and Engineering  Review and analyze network and computer security and recommend improvements to configuration, policies, and procedures.